Clean Water Solutions + Clean Energy

Producing Energy and water usually have two different stories. With our innovation we combine these two together and based on the market needs and demands, we can produce and supply a selected combination of these two basics.

Clean Water Solutions

The current proven technology to provide potable water is the RO method. Thanks to this technology, it’s possible to transform salty water from the seas or oceans to drinkable water. The problem is, we need a huge amount of energy. Our innovative solutions are offering two new aspects to prepare the energy which is needed for this transformation much cheaper!

Clean Energy

Hopefully a lot of new methods are invented to excavate free and green sources of energies like sunlight, wind turbines and our waves. The Main parameter to make one of these methods feasible, is the cost of the final product. We have proven that our technology is reducing the cost of producing solar energy by a huge gap, We are talking about 10 times cheaper!

Simultaneous Water Production and MCPV Power Generation

Our solution (MCPV) can reduce the costs of PV systems by at least 10 times.

Our solution can generate off-grid electricity and fresh water for people close to the sea.

Commercial solar cells do not have more than 20% efficiency. In the centralized power generation (CPV) method, sunlight is focused on the cell by means of lenses or mirrors. Therefore, fewer cells can be used with the same light received to produce the same amount of electricity. Because the price of a lens, especially a mirror, is much lower than that of a solar cell, this method greatly reduces the overall cost of the plant.

In our products, the idea of Medium Concentration Photovoltaics (MCPV) is used.

Using the MCPV method, 10-100 times more electricity is generated than conventional methods.

By using MCPV, the need for solar cells is greatly reduced, and this drastically reduces the investment cost.

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