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Our Story

We were concerned about global warming and the potential consequences it follows. Also we have believed in the right of good life for all, rights to access to water and energy as basics of life and development. So we have started to think about solving this paradox with the help of technology. We have been working for the last two years on different ideas and finally came up with a brilliant method that can reduce the cost of production unbelievably. The method is also eco-friendly. So at the end of 2022 we were ready to push the innovation into the market.

We are a group of engineers in the field of electrical engineering, we are interested in development and trying to find technological solutions for global problems. Also with the help of academic background in the business management and with the experience of the co-founders, we can achieve our goals.

Our Mission

To enable innovation for achieving affordable energy and water, two basics of life, for everyone without hurting the planet.

Our Vision

Usually it looks like a paradox. If we prioritize development the outcome could be air pollution and global warming. If we want to focus on keeping the planet clean, development rate will be affected. With the help of innovation, we try to solve this problem. We believe that energy and water are two human rights and should be affordable and we prove it’s possible to reach this without any consequence for the environment.

Our Expert Team

Taher Norouzi

Taher Norouzi

CFO & Co-founder

Yaser Norouzi

Yaser Norouzi

CTO & Co-founder

Elham Kashani

Elham Kashani

CEO & Co-founder

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